Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh no not my internet!

I am posting this real quick, some kid in his car tried to drift his car around the corner and hit a power box ripping it out of the ground. This in return caused the power to go out and also destroyed the cable pipe line coming into my neighborhood. The power is back but no internet. I remember a free dial up service and am using that, though it keeps booting me off every 2 minuets or so. Soon as I get my cable back I will be posting on topic again. I can't wait to read your guy's blogs. Thanks everyone! 


Skankin_Pete said...

Sucks man, hope you get back online soon

Joe Clark Cinematography said...

Too much Fat and Furriest.

I mean, Fast and Furious.

Drifting is for weeaboos.

Anonwadi said...

lol. must suck without proper net.