Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Christmas anti Christmas Story

I just thought I would share something from my past. Sorry if this upsets you but I have been holding this in for a long time and I believe it will do me good to let it out.

When I was a boy I remember Christmas and it would fill me with joy. I was an only child with parents that worked 12 to 15 hours a day, even on Christmas. Through all this we still put up a tree and lights to celebrate. I would save all year to get my parents simple things like candles, money clips, cards and various other things a 7 year old could get. I would get presents and Christmas morning I would get to spend time with my mom and dad for a few hours before they went off to work. It was not perfect but it was enough for me.

Then the next year there was no Christmas.

I remember my mom giving me 40 dollars around the start of December and telling me it was my Christmas gift. I thought it was strange but shook it off. There were no lights, and no tree.

This continued on for four years. When I was 11 I got fed up with our lack of holiday cheer and decided to take action. We had our storage unit in our apartments. When my mom was sleeping I took the storage key off her key ring. The next morning I opened up the unit and started digging for our old Christmas tree and lights. It didn't take long to find.

I dragged it into my room and took everything out of the box and began setting up the tree like a madman on a mission. The first thing I noticed was that the stand was broken so I opted to propping it against the corner of my room. It wasn't perfect but it was my leaning Christmas tree. I had never strung lights up on a tree before so I get it my best go. The moment of truth finally came. I plugged in the lights and there it was. Leaning on a slant, no star, lights strung up crooked and randomly but once again it was my tree.

My mom eventually saw and asked me how that got in my room. I told her what I had done and she laughed a little and made a remark about my "ugly" tree. I didn't care it was for me.

Christmas finally came and I woke up, ask expected, to no presents. I just sat in front of my tree for a while and started thinking about Christmas past. I got up to go wish my parents merry Christmas but they had already gone to work.

I sat alone in front of my tree without a thought. All I could do is curl up into a ball and cry. I woke up not knowing how much time had passed but that was when I vowed if I ever had children they would never have to go through what I did.

Thanks for reading, come back next year for another Christmas anti Christmas Story. ( I've had lots of them)


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<3 broke my heart a little

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