Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello everyone! Starcraft 2 Thursday!

I am getting closer to 50 followers and I am excited about it. I will be sure to make a special milestone post about it. Today I have been thinking about adding more of a gaming aspect to my blog. I am going to try this out, the plan is that every Tuesday and Thursday I will be posting something about gaming, more than likely Starcraft 2.

I have been playing as Zerg a lot as of late but last night I broke down and went down to my Terran roots. I was messing around and I found a nice timing push inspired by EGLZGamer.

The opening is pretty basic

10/11 Supply - Supply Depot
11/19 Supply - Barracks
12/19 Supply - Refinery (3 On Soon As It Is Complete)
15/19 Supply - Orbital Command
15/19 Supply - Reactor Core On Barracks
18/19 Supply - Supply Depot
19/19 Supply - Refinery
19/27 Supply - Factory

25/27 Supply - If you have enough for build a Command Center build one in your base and upgrade it to orbital command.

I wish I had kept track of supply but I will be sure to update.

From here you want to always have SCVs and 2 marines in production. With the first factory build a Hellion then add a tech lab. Do some additional scouting with the Hellion. Add another Factory when you can and attach a reactor core to it. From here you are going to want to have a SCV constantly making supply depots. Research blue flame and pump out tanks and hellions and marines. Around the 8:30 / 9:00 mark you should have a good sized army and 2 tanks. Use your Hellions as your meat shield for marines and tanks. Based on this first push you would want to add another barracks with a techlab and research stim and combat shied. Now this is not a ALL in build. If you noticed you are losing the first push back off and save what you can. Go a head and expand. From here you need to just keep scouting and build your army composition to what you need.

Let me know what you guys think and GOOD LUCK!


Skinny Guy said...

I have a lot of friends who play this game. When I get my pc back I will have to get a copy of it.

Dvallej said...

need more pylons

Snack Radius said...

I'll also be getting this soon. Also looking forward to more, so I can no for future refrence

Doc_Waffles said...

SC2 is very good, I stopped playing though.


I gotta get on SC2 - loved the first one.

Jandro said...

Nice i think i was your 50th subscriber. Well I hope to see your sc2 video up next tuesday.