Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Death of the master cleanse but pho

So the master cleanse lasted a grand total of 2 days. Not even if you count the fact I failed on night of day 2. I have decided to hold off on the cleanse till I find a few support buddies. my girlfriend and I caught a late dinner last night. We wanted pho but were growing tired of than brothers and pho tai, I know they are almost everywhere in washington but not sure out of state. Some feed back on this would be awesome.  We ate at a place called Pho In The USA. The food was amazing! Every suace minus the rooste cor, cock, suace tasted to be home made. It was nice being able to taste a different broth and style of this place. I will post somey information later when I get a chance. If you live i!n the Seattle area I would say you should go check this place out. My only complaint would be that no one came to refill my water, but whatever I could have gotten it myself.


Pho In The USA http://m.google.com/u/m/A1eJWB

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